Typical Products

Mining Equipment:

Mill Ends, Inlet and Outlet Trunnions, Apron Feeder Pans, Flights, Grizzly Bars, Top
and Bottom Shells, Front and Back Heads, Inlet Housings, Coal Feeders, Hoppers, Grate Liners, Discharge Plates, Arm Guards, Jaws, Main Frames, Concave Liners, Mill Liners, Bucket Lips, Walking Frames, Adapters, Sheave Wheels, Tumblers, Rope Sockets, Chain Links, Crawler Shoes, Drag Clevises, Cutter Drums, etc.

Power Generation:

Hollow Grinding Balls, Tyres, Rings, Table Segments, Throat Liners, Hubs, Blades, Levers, Trays, Burner Nozzles, Burner Scrolls etc.

Chemical/Fluid Transport:

Gates, Feeds, Spherical and Butterfly Valves, Vacuum Pumps, Pump Casings, Rotors, Impellers, Pressure Rings, Pipe Bends, Fire Bars, Grates, etc.

Brick/Cement/Sugar Mill Equipment:

Riding Rings, Trunnion Ends, Mill Liners, Grate Plates, Bearer Bars, Hammers, Augers, Paddles, Barrel Liners, Diaphragms, Wear Plates Trunnion Rollers, Links, Palms, Diffuser Shafts, etc.


Slag Ladles, Copper Ladles, Blister Moulds, Bollards, Chill Moulds, Sow Moulds, Launders, Furnace Doors, Trays, Furnace Rolls, Hearths, Ingot Moulds, Crust Breaker Chisels, Furnace Rolls, Hearths, Base Plates etc.

Transport: Automotive/Railway/Mining:

Pedestals, Hubs, Tine Arms, Spades, Links, Press Dies, Knuckles, Couplers, Yokes, Steering Arms, Gear Cases, Drive Wheel Housings, Bearing Carriers, Planetary Housings, Axle Pivots, etc.

General Engineering:

Large and Small Gears, Pinions, Tool Parts, Cylinders, Worm and Gear Housings, Crane Wheels, Sheaves, Bearing Housings, Hubs, Horizontal Links, Rack Segments, Riding Rings, Yokes, etc.

Complete Solutions

Thomas Foundry’s expertise covers a full range of capital equipment and consumable items used by the mining, smelting, earthmoving, cement, brickmaking, chemical, petro-chemical, water, power generation, transport, sugar, paper and general engineering industries.