Mill Ends, Inlet and Outlet Trunnions, Apron Feeder Pans, Flights, Grizzly Bars, Top
and Bottom Shells, Front and Back Heads, Inlet Housings, Coal Feeders, etc.

Hollow Grinding Balls, Tyres, Rings, Table Segments, Throat Liners, Hubs, Blades, Levers, Trays, Burner Nozzles, Burner Scrolls etc.

Gates, Feeds, Spherical and Butterfly Valves, Vacuum Pumps, Pump Casings, Rotors, Impellers, Pressure Rings, Pipe Bends, Fire Bars, Grates, etc.

Riding Rings, Trunnion Ends, Mill Liners, Grate Plates, Bearer Bars, Hammers, Augers, Paddles, Barrel Liners, Diaphragms, Wear Plates Trunnion Rollers, Links, Palms, Diffuser Shafts, etc.

Slag Ladles, Copper Ladles, Blister Moulds, Bollards, Chill Moulds, Sow Moulds, Launders, Furnace Doors, Trays, Furnace Rolls, Hearths, Ingot Moulds, Crust Breaker Chisels, Furnace Rolls, Hearths, Base Plates etc.

Pedestals, Hubs, Tine Arms, Spades, Links, Press Dies, Knuckles, Couplers, Yokes, Steering Arms, Gear Cases, Drive Wheel Housings, Bearing Carriers, Planetary Housings, Axle Pivots, etc.

Large and Small Gears, Pinions, Tool Parts, Cylinders, Worm and Gear Housings, Crane Wheels, Sheaves, Bearing Housings, Hubs, Horizontal Links, Rack Segments, Riding Rings, Yokes, etc.

About Us

The Company

Thomas Foundry is a specialist Iron and Steel Foundry producing high quality castings for original equipment manufacturers and end users in a range of over 70 international material specifications. The Company maintains a leading role in the South African Foundry Industry through its keen attention to customer’s needs of quality, price and delivery. These needs are ably supported by the near 100 years’ experience in Patternmaking, Melting, Moulding, Testing, Finishing and Machining disciplines’ in the Foundry Industry and through its membership of local Casting Technology Institutes. Thomas Foundry’s focus on meeting its customer’s needs has enabled the company to export its products worldwide.

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Business Objectives

Thomas Foundry’s primary objective is to develop a sustainable business that creates real wealth for both its share owners and other stake holders by effectively servicing the needs of its customers. The company seeks to promote a set of product and people values that creates an enabling environment in which to achieve these objectives. Thomas Foundry strives to provide agreed upon levels of Quality and Service to its Customers by appreciating and understanding their expectations and to continually focus upon the improvement of both its manufacturing techniques and the development of its workforce.